March 8, 2021

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Shakuntala Devi Movie Review: The story of Shakuntala’s daughter Anupama Banerjee, who lives in London

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You will remember that press conference of Akshay Kumar in which he appeared on stage by setting fire to his body. It was promised that he would bring a huge show for Prime Video. This show will come next year. Abundentia, the company that created the show, has brought Breath 2 to Prime Video before that, now Shakuntala Devi. Our generation heard the name of Shakuntala Devi in ​​childhood. The generation after us heard flying and the generation before us heard because Shakuntala Devi contested Medak against Indira Gandhi in the year 80. And, in the year 80 itself, Shakuntala Devi defeated the computer by taking the product of thirteen thirteen digit number in 28 seconds. Vedic mathematics came into the discussion again from here in the country.

Shakuntala Devi was made to release in theaters. After watching the film on OTT, the question may arise that how many people would come to see it in theaters because the generation who were busy watching the entire Lockdown Avengers series movies, Togo, Coco or Interstellar also found the trailer of Shakuntala Devi a bit googly. All the people saw this film so that it is understood that how Shakuntala Devi used to do all this? Or why his father was so greedy that he did not get treatment for the other daughter in the matter of collecting money from one daughter’s income? It was also important to understand that who would have prepared Shakuntala Devi to contest against Indira Gandhi, and what was it that Shakuntala wrote her book by calling her husband a homosexual? There are many such questions settled in the tilism of Shakuntala, but the film Shakuntala Devi escapes all these questions.

Director Anu Menon’s film Shakuntala Devi begins in the fourth decade of the last century and continues till today. This story is told from the perspective of Shakuntala’s daughter Anupama Banerjee, who lives in London. Shakuntala’s education, which extracts huge numbers in very early childhood, becomes a means of earning money for the family members, then she declares that she is now the master of the house. She shoots him when the city fame tries to make him his timepass. Consider that Shakuntala’s target was not infallible like mathematics. She sets up her show business in London. She falls in love with an IAS in Kolkata because she wants a beautiful and sharp-minded child. She jokingly says that she wants a baby, not a husband, but the story proves that.

So what is the film Shakuntala Devi? This is the euphoria of Hindi cinema making films on famous celebrities. After watching this film, it is necessary to think about it for two days or at least one day, to criticize it. Seeing the film also leads to euphoria but the next day it is understood that this is another confirmation of Ramdhari Singh’s dialogue in Gangs of Wasseypur. The film does not explain how Shakuntala used to do all this. Two doctors sit and explain his CT scan, but when Shakuntala does not understand what he said, what will the audience be happy about? Shakuntala’s human aspect could have been more sensitive if her relationship with the mother she hated became the center of her daughter’s hatred.

Anu Menon has written and directed the entire story of the film from the perspective of Shakuntala Devi’s daughter. The problem here is the same with Shakuntala and then Anupama that she misses her mother as a woman. The film also sees Shakuntala Devi as the only Shakuntala Devi who wants to show her daughter. A film expects more from the director, but before the film starts, the director tells that the film is neither a biopic nor a documentary on Shakuntala Devi. And, the film making team has taken a practical relaxation in its own right.

The film ‘Shakuntala Devi’ runs very fast. The characters have little chance to handle and the director does not have time to develop relationships or resolve their layers. Anu Menon won the directorial direction because after wandering here after an hour, the film becomes an emotional drama. First Shakuntala and her husband quarrel for Anu and then Anu and her husband quarrel with Shakuntala and Shakuntala. Instead of a biopic, this film simply reduces the chance of making complaints if a mother’s insistence on turnin.

In the case of acting, Vidya Balan has again done amazing, Vidya Kasam. The graphics team, which changes their height and height and deal with time, has done a lot of work. Vidya is also credited with bringing back the story of cinema based in Hindi cinema. Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Vicky Donor’ and Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’ are films released in the same year. After Vidya Balan, the artist who influenced the film the most is Amit Sadh. His love affair with the daughter of a celebrity, then communicating with his future mother-in-law, getting entangled with him during shopping has become very easy. Jishu Sengupta also plays his character with complete restraint. Sanya Malhotra got the character good but her acting is yet to mature. She seems to be the victim of overacting in every scene.

Costume designing is number one in Shakuntala Devi. Ishita Moitra’s dialogues get stuck somewhere according to the Hindi belt, but the character of the film is South Indian and its expansion is foreign so it can be ignored. The musical side of the film is weak. The songs playing in the promotion of the film look fine, but after watching the film, no one can remember the song or its tune.

Keiko Nakahara has once again surprised as the film’s cinematographer. She has also been a cinematographer for the same year film Tanaji. The action of Keiko, who is behind the stars on the set by picking up the heavy camera himself, can also be read in Shakuntala Devi. Hindi cinema has got an excellent technician in Keiko. The film’s editor Antara Lahiri has edited the film according to the script of the film. It would have been a challenge for him to cover the story of the years in a few hours. The biopic is usually made because its main character sends a positive message of life to the audience, but here its makers have already said that it is not a biopic. This is not a bad film, but could have been a better film.

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