October 28, 2020

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How to watch Serious Men Movie online?

How to watch Serious Men Movie online?

Serious Men Movie Review: How to watch Serious Men Movie online?

Starcast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nasar, Indira Tiwari, Akshat Das, Shweta Basu Prasad, Sanjay Narvekar etc.
Director: Sudhir Mishra
OTT: Netflix

Theaters open today, open tomorrow or do not know when to open, but in this Corona era, the cinema is fully open. In Awadh, Dadis say at the end of the story, as they have many days on their days, they are like many people on their days, as if everything went well, everything would be fine. Everything is going well in Hindi cinema under the pretext of OTT. Sudhir Mishra’s film begins with his father’s photo and the first scene of the film is of sexual intercourse. Sudhir tells it the need of the story. The first rite of the 16 sanskars of life is conception, the audience of Hindi film should congratulate this new ‘Sanskari’ cinema.

Since OTT people have come to the country. Those who write books are silver. To avoid any kind of legal mess, OTT gives priority to stories written in books. Manu Joseph’s novel has also become a freedom fighter in the same mutiny. It is a film showing the lofty picture of India. The country is changing. Is moving forward. But, which side is moving forward, this film can be tried to understand. Director Sudhir Mishra has been an expert in cinema making on the unusual politics of normal circumstances. He has been the pioneer of the city crime genre in the country. Cinema respects him. How much he respects his cinema now, this Netflix film explains.

Serious Men is a film on the politics of caste discrimination. Sudhir Mishra has reached Dharavi again after three decades. His rise in cinema also came right from the third film ‘Dharavi’ as director of his career. This time the story is about Ayyan, he is a Dalit. His moral compass rests in the north and south directions, there is no guarantee. Sir, he is very cruel. He wants to make the son bigger than himself. Ayen, who spends his entire life abusing him, feels that his son can change his destiny. After this the ‘stars land’. ‘Peepli Live’. And, everything happens that the audience has seen somewhere, in some form or the other. I consider Sudhir Mishra the quentin tarantino of Indian cinema. However, he is determined to be Ram Gopal Varma, while his film ‘This Night’s Morning No’ is an extended version of ‘Satya’, the real take off of Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi cinema.

Sudhir Mishra comes from a prestigious political family. The father has been his teacher and he also explains that he is the son of a master. But, this son of the master is losing his edge at the fourth age of his age. Sudhir will have to do something revolutionary to keep his cinema as sharp as before. Otherwise, who is going to remember films like ‘Das Dev’ and ‘Denial’? Such characters have now become left-handed for Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Poor sex scenes are becoming their identity. His acting is good, but why he does all this, only he should know. If you want to make a record, it is a different thing, otherwise people still wait to see Nawaz’s performance in Nawaz’s films. Akshat Das’s awesome is worth seeing here. Indira Tiwari, Narvekar and Shweta are right on their own.

The film’s under current is loose. Technically, the film is not comfortable. One has to focus very carefully on the screen to see the film in its entirety. The screenplay would have been better and its background music would have been a little better if the film could have passed on the entertainment scale. Sudhir Mishra’s cinema is now in need of a film doctor, who could do his films before the release without being impressed by his filmography. The film has not been able to become very specific, if not seen, it is not going to make much difference.

How to watch Serious Men Movie online?

Serious Men Movie watch online is available on OTT Netflix. You can also watch and download it on Blockters

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