October 1, 2020

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Satellite Shankar Movie

Satellite Shankar Movie Review

Satellite Shankar Movie Review: The story of a man who struggles with cymbals

Satellite Shankar, the second film in the career of Suraj Pancholi, son of famous actor Aditya Pancholi, accused in the case of abetting a heroine to suicide, is the story of a man who struggles with cymbals. On one side is the love of the mother and on the other side is the favor of the birthplace. This character, walking on a thread with a string of thread between Janani and Janmabhoomi, looks into the soul of her artist.

Companies like T Series hide their name with this film and forward the name of their parent company Super Cassette Industries Limited. The film is not marketed in any way nor does it show any kind of energy in its publicity. Even before being proved guilty in court, Suraj has been considered untouchable by all the veterans of the industry. And, perhaps that’s why no stars other than Salman Khan have tweeted about the film. Satellite Shankar is the true mirror of both relationships on screen and in reality.

Sooraj Pancholi made his debut with Nikhil Advani’s film Hero four years ago. In the new film Satellite Shankar of Irfan Kamal, son of famous dance master Kamal, he has risen to the top of acting. His character in the film is that of a soldier who is just as tough as a soldier posted on the Kargil border to take leave to meet his mother. Even if he gets a chance to meet his mother, there are all kinds of problems on his way. There is also the courage to reach the border post but there are stones of Kashmiris on the way. In this film, a beautiful attempt has been made to cover what happens and what should happen with our own army. The film follows the same pattern of cinema in which the first part of the film is deliberately kept light so that by the end the message of the film leaves its impact on the hearts and minds of the people.

The film is scheduled to release on Friday. Critics started showing this film from its makers from Wednesday itself, on the belief that the film has become good. Films like Satellite Shankar have an impact with the exit of the cinema hall and then rethinking it. It is not a two-minute maggi in which health is not made, but hunger disappears. This is vegan food, in which no immediate taste is felt, but after digestion, it gives real benefit to the body. Satellite Shankar will be liked by all the young people who love the mother and the soil of their homeland.

The film Satellite Shankar also has its own weak links. But, less of the blame of the film is more of the people responsible for making people aware of the film. No one knows when the music came. If you look in the film, the tunes are frozen. In the story, he is definitely threaded. The film’s background music is its life and equally as popular is the film’s cinematography and editing.

Considering the mental conditions under which Suraj Pancholi must have shot this film, his performance is worthy of praise. He leaves an imprint in the role of a young soldier and some are reminded of Shahrukh Khan’s serial army. Same passion, same anger and same love. This is Meghna Akash’s first film in Hindi. He also acted effectively. Palomi Ghosh and Upendra Limaye have made a mark in their respective characters.

The film Satellite Shankar faces Ayushman Khurana’s Bala at the box office, who has been accused of stealing the story by at least half a dozen people so far. In this sense, Satellite Shankar is also original and fresh.

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