March 8, 2021

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Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi Movie Review

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi Movie Review

Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi Movie Review: Watch Full movie Online on Jio Studio app and Blockters

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The difference between a good light-hearted film and a mean-jokes-laughing film is just a slight one. It is as fine as reading thirteen in thirteenth or thirteenth in reading thirteenth. But, cinema is a sacrifice. Everything is sold here unless the seller comes to sell. Whether the product is good or bad, marketing is good, it is successful in everyone’s part here. Wherever Manish Mundra brings money, cinema makes good. He has been doing the same thing about this thing, but he also makes good money from these films. Sometimes Shahrukh Khan’s company is dazzled by his filmography and sometimes Mukesh Ambani’s company. But, times are changing fast. Viewers watching movies like ‘Masaan’, ‘Newton’ and even ‘Kadvi Hawa’ will not go to theaters anymore, yes they can watch such films on OTT leisurely with chai paratha at home. The future of Manish Mundra’s cinema is also the same.

‘Ram Prasad Ki Tehravi’ (that’s what the film’s name is) is an average film. Theaters can also be seen with masks and sanitizers, but only when someone else is paying for the ticket. To watch a film with his hard-earned money, he needs a big jigra to go to the theater these days. Just like a mother here needs to listen to the taunts of her sons. The father passes away as soon as the story begins. Sons, daughters-in-law, neighbors, relatives all start gathering. Although people in Corona era did not go to pick up the money even for their father and real brother, thankfully this story is a little earlier. The case begins with old talk and nostalgia and proceeds up and down like a roller coaster to the point where even a mother becomes the hallmark of self-reliant India.

Seema Pahwa has done amazing work as an actress in second innings. For the first time she has become a director, for this she should be given her shingles. Whether you are watching a movie in a cinema hall or a laptop with a screener sent over the mail, the stars of the review also depend a lot on it. There is no risk while watching the film made for OTT at home. While watching a movie with his money in the cinema, if the person sitting two seats away sneezes even if the mask is covered in the nose, half the lives of the people get stuck.

The film ‘Ram Prasad Ki Teharvi’ will be liked by all those who like the fakeness of relationships. On the scale of reality, this story is good to think, difficult to make and a little half-sighted. Seema Pahwa had to tighten the script a bit, the dialogues were a bit more slick. It would have been fun if KP Saxena had style. Srilal Shukla Tanj also comes in such stories. Relationship satire Girish Pankaj is also very tight these days. After the script and dialogues lapse, the film gets stuck in its song-and-music gallery. The story does not match the scenario, its music. It may have had its own boundaries.

The main reason why the film can be seen till the end is the acting of its actors. Manoj Pahwa has once again performed amazing work. His eyes speak. He is told the differences between brothers only by his facial expressions. Vinay Pathak has also done well, although Parambrata’s efforts here are also worth noting. Vikrant Massey’s Naan Matkka manages to bring freshness in the story. Like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Seema Pahwa notices the small antics between the works, which is a real win for her directorial ability. The film’s level of change could have changed if Konka and Supriya Pathak were open to face. This film, Jio Studio, was to market it well and release it directly on its OTT. This is great content for app download. This is an overhyped film for the theater.

How to watch Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi full movie online?

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Where can I watch Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi full movie online?

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Movie Review: Ram Prasad’s thirteenth
Artists: Manoj Pahwa, Vinay Pathak, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Konkona Sen Sharma, Vikrant Massey, Deepika Amin, Supriya Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah
Writer, Director: Seema Pahwa
Producer: Geo Studios and Dishyam Films

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