April 16, 2021

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Pagglait Review

Pagglait Review

Pagglait Movie Review: Watch Pagglait movie online on Netflix

‘Which class are you in?’, ‘Ninth!’
‘I am Tentha, Sr. Hoon Teri’
Throughout the years, a teenager who has grown up all year long is looking forward to his younger brother from a distant relationship. After a few scenes, Junior befriends her. Sister explains the relationship between each other. But, then one agrees to kiss, on condition that lip will not do. The same girl opens the secret just before the film’s climax that the heroine is not pregnant and the proof is that the two have had a long conversation about the sanitary pads. Here the head of the house taunts the girl’s father, “And show Padman, everyone is out to be Superman!” This is 2021 Hindi cinema. Behave bewhacked. He also wants to be a mirror of social change. And, I do not even want to give up the ridiculous things. This is the entire struggle of the film Pagglait, stuck at the mouth of the changing times. Just before the end of the film, the heroine is able to tell that when the girl starts talking about wisdom, people call them ‘Pagglait’.

Pagglait is a film made by Umesh Bisht who has written Suraj Pancholi’s film ‘Hero’. Pulkit has made ‘O Tteri’ about the emperor. Pagglait is the new stage in his directorial journey, which started 12 years ago because ‘Jina Jeena Is Naam Hai’. May be Seema Pahwa and Umesh may have lashed out at tea together. Have also exchanged views. Because, the basis of both the film ‘Ram Prasad’s thirteenth’ and ‘Pagglait’ is the same, the 13-day halt between the journey of man’s soul from earth to heaven. In these 13 days, the new mantle of the relationship between relatives and family members of the family, which is the same, is the real mantar of the stories of both the films.

Sandhya has been married for five months and her husband, the believer, passes away. The worse thing happened to the poor lady when her cat was dead. The next 13 days of the evening, they open all the windows of life. Sandhya is an MA from English but not working. The believer was the only earner of the house. The expenses after he left are more than the time of his stay. The father has tears in his eye but he is not able to get away from the middle class bargaining habits. Tauji, who hides the boys secretly from smoking cigarettes, hangs himself on Antia with reverence. Biwi believes in ‘Guruji’ more than her husband. The secret of Grandma’s smile is that she does not listen to anyone. The devar, who lines the widow’s sister-in-law, is also found lying there in the clippings of the story.

The bright side of this cinema like Umesh Bisht’s TV series is Sanya Malhotra. With curly ones, she looks at the Pagglait in the villages of North India from the very first scene. But, his character’s layers slowly open. In the scenes with Sanya Gupta, Sanya’s Sautiya Daah is worth seeing, for the man who did not even cry when he died. Atheist evening of love teaches the believer to love life. People fall in love with him because he is the heir to a 50 million insurance policy of a believer. You can easily guess what happens next. It is the weakest link in the film ‘Pagglait’ to know the story by guessing it.

The film stars in bulk. Some for two scenes and some for more scenes. To see Bhupesh Pandya on screen, who was involved in those who have been suffering all through the last year, brings heartache. Rajesh Telang is getting typed in the same role. Shruti Sharma in the role of Nazia, Asif Khan’s work in the role of Parachoon is strong. But, Chetan Sharma is among the fellow cast members. Chetan is constantly strengthening himself series by series and film by film. He has a range of acting. Sayani Gupta has got a very sedated character in which she did not have much to show. The film is another addition to the career of Sanya Malhotra in the same way as ‘Photograph’ in which her work will be praised even further, but raising the audience of such slow films is a big challenge these days.

A highlight point of the film ‘Pagglait’ is that Arijit Singh has stepped into music direction with this film. It is not known whether he became a music composer for his English songs or to give stage to singers like Niti Mohan, Himani Kapoor, Raja Kumari, Amrita Singh, Jhumpa Mandal, Antara Mitra, Chinmayi Shripada and Meghna Mishra. The music is good of the film. The placings in the lyrical storyline are somewhat inaccurate. In a time when every singer has sung the same song as Arijit Singh, Arijit’s own thinking of moving two steps ahead of his singing is proof of his eccentricity. Expect good composition from them.

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Movie Review: Pagglait
Artists: Sanya Malhotra, Sayani Gupta, Shruti Sharma, Sheeba Chadha, Sharib Hashmi, Jamil Khan, Rajesh Telang and Raghubir Yadav.
Writer, Director: Umesh Bisht
OTT: Netflix

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