March 8, 2021

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Nail Polish Movie Review

Nail Polish Movie Review

Nail Polish Movie Review: Watch Nail Polish full movie online on ZEE5

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Watching a film before its release is at stake. Nothing is known about the film from anywhere. When the new year is about to begin and watching a new film is part of the work, if the matter does not become like the ‘Ghost Stories’ of the previous year, the heart keeps asking for just this. The mind has to be strengthened when a warning like ‘For adults’ comes on the start of a film on OTT. There is a thought in the heart that maybe a film full of abuses and unnecessary sex scenes will be ‘Jhelani’. However, theater artistes who write lines like ‘Test the Thunder’ and Bugs Bhargava Krishna for their hit commercials have come up with a new-minded new-look film on the New Year. She has also written and directed the film, as well as drawn a streak for those producer directors who feel that people on OTT only come to listen to abuses or watch intercourse scenes.

The film ‘Nailpolish’ is really a film made only for adults, but here this information is for brainstorming. You may remember the ‘Nithari incident’ in Uttar Pradesh of the disappearance of all children, their physical exploitation and the mutilation of their bodies. The film starts with some sources of that incident, where it warns you in advance that the crime is the mind, the person is accused only. The story begins with children disappearing one after another. A police officer is seen arresting his own special friend, a sports coach, and rings the bell of a well-known lawyer who is lured by someone to go to the Rajya Sabha. Everything is the same as a common thriller film. But then one day, tired of eating pickles and rice, the retired armyman and the coach who taught cricket to the children till coming to jail, decides to eat mutton. He takes out the right eye of the jail’s biggest miscreant. and then..! Then the eye is different and the body is different. Both are watching the story. You have hardly seen such a story in Hindi cinema in recent years. It seems original. It has no reference point.

Those coming from advertising films to feature films have very original ideas of stories, no doubt in it. The better these ideas get from the audience, the more popular the filmmaker becomes. Bugs also knows the quiet sleep of the pavement in Mumbai and the helplessness of waiting for sleep by turning around on the thick mattresses of the Five Star Hotel. The story between these two realizations is the film Nailpolish. Can an army detective be so vicious? Or is he really living with two celebrities? Is Veer Singh’s becoming Charu Raina a trick or is the pain of a heart crushed due to the duty to perform duty? Bugs leaves the answers to these questions to the audience. His film exposes the weaknesses of the law but it is not a melodrama like the ‘blind law’. This is a story based on a solid basis, to understand it, you just have to keep your mind alert.

Bugs has won the film’s screenplay and direction and the dialogues written by Sudeep Nayak have brought the film’s actors closer to victory in playing their roles. Arjun Rampal has taken a big risk at this point of his career. This character is nobody’s role model. Girlfriend leaves by throwing sandals on her mouth. He keeps aiming at the father’s photo throughout the day. It is not tolerable to call a mother a ‘bitch’, yes, she agrees to call the father a ‘bastard’. Arjun’s performance is the climax scene of the film. But, the real discovery of the film ‘Nailpolish’ is Manav Kaul. The truth is that this film does not sell in his name and the truth is that this film has actually become a show reel of Manav Kaul’s performance. Taking reconnaissance as a journalist, falling in love with a very beautiful young lady, strangling her when love comes in the way of duty, and then turning into a persona for which she is also raped .. !! This character played by Manav is an example of amazing performance.

Bugs maintains a special point in the film as an undercurrent and that none of its characters are perfect. The judge is upset with his married life. Wife is immersed in alcohol day and night. Here Rajit Kapoor has done a great job as a judge but to give his pain what Surat Madhu is wearing is charming, seductive, intoxicating and wearing a strange kind of wretchedness. Madhu seems to be living Meena Kumari. If she gets good characters, then she can do even more amazing in such stories. Samreen Kaur in Charu’s role and Anand Tiwari in the role of lawyer Amit Kumar have also managed to leave their mark. Both have given good support in maintaining the momentum of the film. Sanjay Wandrekar has tried well in creating the background music of the film and its retail song. The film has been edited by Tinny Mitra to suit the director’s point of view.

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The weak link of the film ‘Nailpolish’ is its climax which will be revealed later if left open for the sequel. But, after spending two hours in a film, the viewer wants to see the result of the problem shown at the beginning of the film. In this case the use of Bugs’s film is a bit staggered. The second problem is the cinematography of the film. It is true that the film was shot in the Corona era with very limited resources but there are many scenes where lighting and camera placement could have been better. Those who are fond of films made on the law will like the film very much, it is a good medium to start the year for the general audience too.

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Movie Review: Nailpolish
Artists: Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari, Madhu, Samreen Kaur, Rajit Kapoor etc.
Writer, Director: Bugs Bhargava Krishna

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