Milan Talkies Movie Review: The story of two young Allahabad lovers

It is very difficult when the fans want to watch every film of a director and they lose their style from films like Bullet Raja and Sahab, Biwi, Gangster 3, in the race of director stardom. Milan Talkies director Tigmanshu Dhulia is reborn in Hindi cinema. He has regained his special style, due to which films like Pansingh Tomar and Hasta have made millions of fans. It can be happily said that Tigmanshu returned to Allahabad.

Milan Talkies is the story of two young Allahabad lovers. Full of filmy spices. Cinema has become a part of the society in the Hindi belt and, Milan Talkies is the fun of this film chakkals. Herogiri’s intoxicated boy falls in love, which causes him to fall in love and there are also films to get him, and the father of both is no less than the film characters of the seventies.

The story revolves around a single screen theater projector. It sometimes looks like a blurry film in an attempt to save carbon in old cinemas and sometimes becomes a 70 mm cinemascope. There is a feeling in this of the handles stuck in the bicycle stand. Interval has a lot of crappy dialogue with the papas that are being sold inside the hall and, the total is UP type fuss. Mane’s case is set exactly as Tishu’s film should be.

Every filmmaker knows that 90 percent of the film is made on paper provided that the film starts appearing while reading the story of the film and its screenplay. For Tigmanshu Ali Fazal and Shraddha Srinath have done what the story tells. Tissu, along with Kamal Pandey, first created the story, then got new faces and made the film like he has been wanting for the last six years. Tissu’s dream seen during Pansingh Tomar has become a cinema.

Ashutosh Rana, saddened by choosing the wrong son-in-law at the time of marriage, is a good old rice, even during the career of Alexander Kher, there was a lack of Paras stone like Tigmanshu Dhulia. Ali Fazal has become the star of India’s B and C Town after Mirzapur like Mithun Chakraborty, once the Gun Master G9. This is the first experience of Shraddha Srinath’s Hindi film, yet she has shown amazing feat in catching the performances of UP.

If the cinema was a little more funky, the fun of watching Milan Talkies could be doubled, but, Sanjay Mishra’s performance is also similar. If they are, then some other practice is rarely done. Tigmanshu Dhulia returns to his old rau, this is the film’s title.

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