October 28, 2020

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London Confidential Full Movie Download

London Confidential Full Movie Download

London Confidential Movie Review: The story revolves around a global event in which time is short and goals for disclosure are high

Fear of the virus is slowly coming out among the corona virus epidemic and people are also returning to their work. But, G5 has set the number one record among all, to release the first film shot amidst this epidemic. This film is ‘London Confidential’. And, the chance that Jacqueline Fernandez missed in Mrs. Serial Killer, Mouni Rai has made her presence as a shining star on the same sky of digital. This journey of Mouni from TV to film screen and from there to OTT is inspiring and also a big reason to watch ‘London Confidential’.

It is true that the presence of Mouni Roy is enough to arouse curiosity for a feature film, series or digital film. But Kanwal Sethi, who has woven the fabric of his film around him, does not feature him as a woman who breaks free aspirations and taboos like James Bond films, despite being an intelligence agent. And that too while the story is moving forward in London. Mouni Roy is the USP of the film and for those who watch this film, the director of the film does not disappoint with his 97-minute film.

The film ‘London Confidential’ is a moving story towards a global event in which time is short and goals for disclosure are high. The goal is for Uma to find out who killed the Indian agent, and what is the secret of the petting he left behind? Who is leaking news of the Indian intelligence agency? And, all this mess starts with the information according to which China has created another new dangerous virus after Corona and a plan has been made to leak it into the border areas. Indian agents have to expose this effort of China, that too without much noise and without any clue to UK intelligence agencies.

The first victory of director Kanwal Sethi’s film ‘London Confidential’ is its casting. From Mouni Roy to Purab Kohli and Pravesh Rana, everyone fits into their character perfectly. The problems that Mouni Roy’s characters saw in their film ‘Gold’ or ‘Made in China’ become the strength of their character here. Purab Kohli’s role in Arjun’s character is always targeted at the bird’s eye and he seems to be successful in it. It was pleasant to see Pravesh Rana on screen after a long time. He is a talented artist and film directors should work on him constantly, his talent has only been used in cinema only a little. The most shocking presence in the film is that of Kulraj Randhawa as the Indian Ambassador. His presence gives the film a surface and he has made his comeback strong.

The promotion, circulation and trailer of ‘London Confidential’ gives you a glimpse that this is a spy thriller film, but like the previous few films of the James Bond series, the troubles of his family and his personal life were also made the basis of the story. In the same way, every agent in ‘London Confidential’ has his own problems, his own family and personal problems. This aspect of the film is also no less interesting and it keeps you tied to the story till the end. ‘London Confidential’ is a better film than ‘Dolly Kitty and That Shining Star’ released on Netflix, and also the Right Choice this weekend.

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