October 28, 2020

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Halahal Full Movie Download in HD

Halahal Full Movie Download in HD

Halahal Movie Review: The story of a medical seat scam in Uttar Pradesh

Writer, actor, director, producer Zeeshan Qadri, who was in the limelight from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, shone Ghaziabad on screen in his new film ‘Hallahal’. The silence below the elevated road leading out of Indirapuram has been filming from the beginning and it is really interesting to see it in a film. The film has strong acting, good camerawork, abusive dialogue and screenplay? Let’s also discuss this, a little relaxed. After all, what I said at the time of the release of the film about Gangs of Wasseypur, it has also taken Anurag Kashyap eight years to accept it.

Cinema is the medium of audience. Swant: For Sukhaya too, many producers make director films. They have a different type of confidence (conviction) on such films. In areas where he comes from, such things happen a lot. Unless abused in every other sentence, Uttar Pradesh, will not be able to complete the talk in all places of the country and abroad. Stories are as close to reality as they are. But while doing so, it is very important to remember that lion, ‘Keep the distance between every beautiful person, you will be afraid to see the moon that landed on the earth ..’ The film ‘Hallahal’ churned to mean its name from the beginning. Looks like, even in this brainstorm, there is hullabaloo, but…!

However, the churning of the film ‘Hallahal’ weakens by the end. On the lines of Madhya Pradesh’s Vyapam scam, a medical seat scam in Uttar Pradesh is woven by Zeeshan Qadri in its story. The problem of this story of the hero and the villain is that at the end of the film, no hero survives, everyone is colored in the color of the past. The story is about finding out the reality of the death of her daughter, who is studying in a doctor’s doctor. The more efforts the doctor makes, the clearer the reality of the things happening around us. The pace that the story catches at the beginning has the texture of the thriller. Then suspense also comes but the climax trashes the story.

There is only one reason to watch the film ‘Hallahal’ and it is the acting of both its main actors Sachin Khedekar and Barun Sobti. Sachin Khedekar is an amazing actor. He has consistently sowed the performances in his long career, with the arrival of OTT it is time for actors like him to reap the harvest. The pain of a father, the spirit of confronting the land mafia, the questioning of the character of the people of his own business, the doctor and then the man who came down on his knees when the reality of the daughter was revealed, is all amazing. The character of Barun Sobti plays parallel to Sachin Khedekar. A bright mustache, shimmering lack of face, greed for money in every task and the thrill of confronting his senior, Zeeshan Qadri has also created this character. Just, it is important for them to understand that one does not have to pay fees in any study like IPS and to pass the IPS to become a doctor it is not necessary at all. The role of Manu Rishi Chaddha in the film is small but the acting still shines out of him.

The most important among the weak episodes of the film ‘Hallahal’ is its background music. Good that there are no songs in the film. Background music works like a character for such films, the film’s director Randeep Jha needed attention. Randeep has done a very good job as per the direction. After the performance of both the lead actors of the film, Randeep’s account is going to add the number of this film, the same mistake happened to him by Kabir Kaushik in his film Sahar. This ‘out of box’ climax is yet to take another 10-20 years for the Hindi cinema audience to understand. The cinematography and film editing is fine. While coming to the office from home or to pass free time, the film can be seen, but if a little hard work was done on the script, the result of the film could have been amazing.

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