April 16, 2021

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Godzilla Vs Kong Review

Godzilla Vs Kong Review

Godzilla Vs Kong Review: Watch Godzilla Vs. Kong full movie online on Netflix

Legendary Entertainment is a company based in Burbank, California in the US. Its roots derive water from China’s multinational conglomerate Wanda. Chinese companies have been aggressive by nature. Together with all the Hollywood companies, they have established a strong stake in the big film business there. He also has Hindustan on target. And, for this, Chinese companies interested in filmmaking have made their way to Hollywood from long ago. So, while you will be watching the movie ‘Godzilla Versus Kong’ mask in the theater with your hard-earned money, your money will be converted from rupees to dollars and reach Yuwan in the form of China. Cinema is the new battlefield of imperialism. In this battlefield, superpowers are face to face and no one knows the end, just like in the film ‘Godzilla Verses Kong’.

The film ‘Godzilla Verses Kong’ is a film made for those who love demolition. For the last one year, the sensation of cinema has changed for those who are imprisoned in their homes due to Corona infection. In such a situation, it may be okay for two Mahadanavas or say Maha Mahadanavas to watch for the epic spectacle on the big screen of IMAX, but there is no cinema in it, it is Mahatmaasha which has nothing to do with the sensations. This is the face of science fiction that is very important for the time to come by making a small distance, just like the eagle of Dinesh Thakur’s ghazal, ‘Keep the gap between every laugh, you will be scared to see the moon land on the earth . ‘

Mahesh Bhatt, after a long discussion with me in a room at Hotel Le Meridien, found the idea of ​​taking Hindi horror cinema to the elite class in the film ‘Raj’ and then flipped the fleet in the direction of running the franchise on its own. Was. The same seems to happen with some Legendary Pictures. For a long time, this company has been trying to make B and C grade creator films into elite class cinema. The cinematographers named ‘Reboot’ to wipe out old films and re-create them with new technology. The film ‘Godzilla Versus Kong’ is also a reboot version of the 1962 film Godzilla and King Kong. Just as Hindi news channels are trying to make everything overcooked to make sesame palm in any event, the same effort is seen in the film ‘Godzilla Verses Kong’ to combat these two mahajivas.

Both are fighting to fight. Why the director is fighting, neither the director nor the film makers have anything to do with it. There is nothing left on Skull Island for King Kong. Godzilla is in his own fun. He does not care that this walk is destroying the world. According to both, there are teams in the film. It seems as if you are watching a video game, not a film in a cinema hall, and the film-makers have made such a warp that you are always in support of one team. The whole case is presented in such a way that there is some hereditary enmity between the two. The film also has its own different undercurrents, which make very specific comments on world politics. In any case, China’s efforts to influence the world’s intelligence through its ideology through cinema are not today.

It is certain that after watching the film ‘Godzilla Versus Kong’ you can find beta versions of ‘Godzilla – The King of the Monsters’ and ‘Kong – The Skull Island’. Although Godzilla and Kong are not face to face for more than half an hour in the film, but once the two face each other, the film reaches another world. If you like loud lights, shouts and ear-tearing background music, then this film may be for you but there is nothing in it for those who enjoy good entertainment. Apart from these Mahadanavas, the film also has some of the best human actors, but the film’s writing team has not paid much attention to them. The entire focus is on the epicenter of the Mahadanavas, and in this affair, these human artists are nothing more than the decoration of a science fiction film.

The film ‘Godzilla Verses Kong’ has been released in Indian languages ​​besides English. It is also evident that the sensations of the fans of English film can be on the other side of the sensations of the audience of Hindi film. Although there is a large audience of linguistic films that have been a fan of good films in both Hindi and English, but the marketing team of Warner Bros. India is yet to learn how to reach this audience. The film ‘Godzilla Versus Kong’ is like a goalless TV debate with noisy, unrestrained babble and screaming, in which the viewer’s time is destroyed, but instead of this time he does not get any pleasant feeling after the end of the film. If you remember anything after the completion of the film, it is Abdul Ahmad Saaz’s Ik Sher that life was a long distance music, now it is noisy, yes but in the noise scatter.

How to watch Godzilla Vs Kong full movie online?

Though Godzilla Vs Kong Movie will soon get available on Telegram and illegal piracy websites, we recommend you to watch it officially on Netflix or Prime VideosAmazon Prime Video comes up with a 30-day trial. During this trial, you can watch as many movies and shows as you want. You just have to sign-up for a new account.

Where can I download Godzilla Vs Kong full movie online?

You can also watch and download online for free at Blockters. You can also download full movie in HD at Blockters.

Movie Review: Godzilla vs Kong
Director: Adam Vingard
STORY: Terry Rossio, Michael D, Dac Shields
Screenplay: Eric Pearson, Max Borenstein
Artist: Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Shan Oguri, Brian Tyree Henry and Godzilla and King Kong made of special effects

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