October 28, 2020

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Forbidden Love Movie Watch Online

Forbidden Love Movie Watch Online

Forbidden Love Movie Review: How to watch Arranged Marriage movie online?

Movie: Diagnosis of Love
Artists: Mahesh Manjrekar, Raima Sen, Rannvijay Singh, Vaibhav Tatwadi
Director: Mahesh Manjrekar
Film: Rules of the Game
Artists: Ahana Kumra, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Anindita Bose

The two new films of the film Forbidden Love released on Desi OTT G5 on Thursday, the first of which is ‘Diagnosis of Love’ directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. This film is the story of rising insecurity of growing insecurity. Sudha runs a hospital in Goa and is married to Vaibhav. The more openly the business woman Sudha takes office decisions, the more openly she welcomes Dr. Harsh to her team. Harsha has a past of her own but does not have to look at Sudha, yes, Sudha’s husband i.e. Vaibhav must look into Sudha’s present for which he seeks help from a policeman named Aditya. The story takes an unending turn from here.

Mahesh Manjrekar has also acted in his own directorial ‘Diagnosis of Love’ but, here he is just a kite-born Kanna, he has given the chance to fly in the open air to Raima Sen. Raima’s physique gives her the beauty of a dancer in the temples of Khajuraho, the beauty of her physique is also sufficient to awaken the cupid who always sleeps within the man. The vibrancy of sexual intercourse in the tweet of love is the real victory of Mahesh Manjrekar’s direction. Raima has been well received by him and his partner Vaibhav Tatwadi has supported him here like a hermit who feeds the flower.

The story of ‘Rules of the Game’ directed by Anirudh Roy Chaudhary is interesting. Priya and Gaurav have their own world. They have created a different world of their senses, touches. Priya is a fully sedated girl in love. Gaurav’s anthem is also no less. But both of them are busy with their work and have lost the pleasure of dew drops on the grass growing on the matrimonial path. Priya also has a friend in the story, Nisha. Priya learns by watching life. She sees something like this in the streets that she wants to try on her bed. Gaurav too feels it right and it seems that there is no harm in it. Like couples who understand the importance of pre-sexual intercourse, they ‘play the role’. And, the real game of the film also begins to be understood from here.

It is because of Chandan Roy Sanyal that he wants to watch the film. But, Ahana Kumra’s performance is a bonus here. Chandan is a randomly scattered canvas in the current world of entertainment, whose director is not seen in the stories that fill the stories. This Guruji of the film ‘Sholay Girl’ is an amazing actor, and he needs some directors who can give the opportunity to burst into the camera. Ahana’s acting seems to be a different genre of hers, but she breaks it in every other film before it takes shape. Here too she stares. I call her ‘Lady Ayushman Khurana’. She has become successful in experiments. Anindita has also supported both of them well.

Both films released on Thursday for the film Forbidden Love are ‘Value for Time’, these films also form an outline for the coming days. Five seven-minute short films or a two-and-a-half-hour feature film? This G5 initiative removes this dilemma in a very beautiful way. On an average, these 40-minute movies are full entertainment content. Movies that any person can watch anywhere, at lunch, on the go, in the midst of work stress and can feel refreshed again. Every film has a shocking climax and this surprise is the undercurrent of these films that connects them together. More such films from G5 are now expected by the audience. It is to be hoped that this experiment will continue.

How and Where you can watch Arranged Marriage movie online?

Forbidden Love Movie is available on Zee5 as well as Netflix. You can also watch it on Blockters.

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