October 21, 2020

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Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Full Movie Download

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Full Movie Download

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Movie Review: The story of two sisters who are engaged in covering Raita throughout their lives

Alankrita Srivastava, who learned cinema in Prakash Jha’s Shagirdi, was able to release her second film, Lipstick Under My Burka, six years after her first film, Turning 30. The film ‘Lipstick Under My Burka’, which was started under the patronage of the National Film Development Corporation, a department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Central Government, refused to give the censor certificate by the other government department i.e. Central Film Certification Board. This thing happened three years ago and then there was a lot of hue and cry over it. After this, when Alankrita announced her next film ‘Dolly Kitty and Woh Shining Stars’, Ekta Kapoor joined her this time. With the speed at which Ekta Kapoor is engaged in making semi-pornographic content, it seems that soon her category awards will start separately.

Calling ‘Dolly Kitty and That Shining Star’ is a film on women empowerment in which two powerful actresses of Hindi cinema have come out to break all sexual taboos by getting the open hand of the director who is in the discussion due to the controversy over their cinema. But if the film has come directly on OTT, then there is no messing up of the censor board or controversy here. The most important aspect of women’s discourse in the country has been that a woman is the master of her own body and if she does not want to tie it in any bond, no one should object to it. Whether she will earn herself or be a parasite of her husband, this has become less a matter of female discussion. It is this issue that brought the compulsion of job or the attitude of husband towards sex while wearing the film Chola. In ‘Dolly Kitty and That Shining Star’, Alankrita Srivastava was expected to bring some mind-blowing subject instead of bed sensation this time, but her first weak episode is the story of the film itself.

The story of Dolly Kitty and the twinkling star is nothing special. Have two sisters. Both of them are engaged in covering Raita throughout their lives. Dolly feels that after becoming the mother of two children, her husband does not understand her libido and keeps blaming her. Kitty’s virginity has dissolved and she works at a call center where she gets paid to make the boys happy on the phone. Dolly and Kitty both have their own story. Both are trying to fly in their parallel sky. Dolly also gets a chance to give Five Star to the delivery boy after her good service. Kitty also gets her favorite opportunity on the phone.

The story of ‘Dolly Kitty and the twinkling star’ sounds interesting to hear. But, for a short film, this is the right masala, but the director has to make a two-hour film. Then withstand it. The builder scam of Greater Noida is here. Here is the irrational issue of sexual choice of a young child. And, there is the Anti Romeo squad. Together, the religion of the home delivery also sticks to the story like Chippy. The story that Alankrita should have told directly by making the story of Dolly and Kitty, he has made it a legend of the times. Konkona and Bhoomi may be very bold and bold to say, but Konkona has restrictions of her age, Bhoomi’s career plan does not allow her to show her body despite the demands of the story. Both of them appear to play their characters half-heartedly. The casting of Amol Parashar itself is wrong, yes, Vikrant Massey has tried his best to get into his role and his hard work for this is also visible on the screen.

Its music is the third weak link of the film ‘Dolly Kitty and Woh Shining Stars’, which is weak in the story and acting department. Background music does not support this film even a little. Obviously, it must have been used in front of the director in its recording and then editing, but it does not seem to be in harmony with the emotions on the screen. It is good that ‘Dolly Kitty and That Shining Star’ was released directly on OTT, otherwise it would not be worth spending two hours of life just for Aarti Bajaj’s editing and John Jacob’s cinematograph. This weekend you can miss it blindly.

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