October 1, 2020

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Dabangg 3 Movie

Dabangg 3 Movie Review

Dabangg 3 Movie Review: The story of Dhakad becoming Chulbul Pandey

26 years ago, when Salman Khan’s fans came to see his film Chandramukhi, he was shocked to see his name as a writer in the credits of the film. But, if the father is a famous writer like Salim Khan, then the son inherits something or the other. Nine years ago, Anurag Kashyap’s brother Abhinav reached Arbaaz Khan with a story to make him a hero, and this story became Salman’s first domineering. Abhinav is now a campaigner of the saffron brigade in Mumbai. Salman is the author of Dabangg 3 and the hero of Sai Manjrekar, 32 years younger than himself.

Chandramukhi got Salman and Prabhudheva for the first time. The two have since met as directors and actors in the film Wanted, taking different paths. Salman now wants every director to speak ‘Yes Sir’. Because, the film made, no matter what, leave it out, raise Salman’s bank balance as well. Overbearing 3 races 3 and the film of India category which just Salman at the end from the beginning.

There is nothing like the story in the film’s story, which has had to take from Dilip Shukla to Alok Upadhyay to Prabhudheva and Salman himself. The script of Dabangg 3, which tells the story of Dhakad becoming Chulbul Pandey, has a lot of jhol, but fans accustomed to seeing Salman’s glowing body from Greece on screen have nothing to do with it. Salman has been pleasing them by lashing out dozens of goons alone. They know the story from the beginning to the end, just wait for Salman to take off his shirt and whistle.

So everyone has failed in front of this whistleblower public choice. The length of the film can give you a nap of sleep. The songs of Basir Par can give you a big chance of miniature and even after having two heroines, the film can make you open your head and think that the scene of the kissing of two men is the brainchild of the army of writers? Tightness for obesity is also not going to embrace women. Salman also believes that superheroes do not need Indian cinema. This means that the hero here is no less than a hulk. Even now he is visible on the screen.

Villain of the 53-year-old hero, 21-year-old actress and type an instant. There are three episodes of this count of Dabangg 3 and if any of them is the most effective work, then they are Kicha Sudeep. After earning a name in Kannada cinema, Kitchha, who came to become a hero in Hindi cinema with Ram Gopal Varma’s 11-year-old film Phoonk, made Villain opposite Salman Khan. He has topped the players who have changed their fortunes by hard work.

After all, it was also remembered that the film also has a director. Though Salman Khan is doing all the work from writing the film’s story, to acting, from singing songs to making films, but Prabhudeva is also there to say. Know why that is.

As the situation in the country is, in the same way as many people stay inside theaters on Friday, it is good for peace and also for the opening of the first day of Salman’s film. But, seeing the film, it seems that Salman too really needs a long break like Shahrukh Khan. Amitabh Bachchan audiences have had as a hero film began negate Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, when he was 46 years, Salman take seven years and from that point of view.

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