March 8, 2021

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Coolie No.1 Movie Review

Coolie No.1 Movie Review

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It is a matter of those days when Washu Bhagnani’s office used to be in a lurch in the street opposite the Sea Princess Hotel in Juhu, David Dhawan would come there everyday in the evening. The two would have been extremely friendly and both would have known what was happening on the road outside! Now Washu’s office is in the multi-storey building opposite the JW Marriott in Mumbai. The building is his own. 25 years ago he was a vendor of Tips Music Company and today he has more than his own turn over tips. He is an international builder. Are NRIs. In the Corona era, the whole film has the potential to be shot in Britain. Simply, the audience of Hindi cinema that was 25 years ago has now gone out of them. Their connection to the public has been lost. He no longer makes cinema projects and also sells them like flats in his buildings.

‘Coolie number one’ is true of the last 25 years of Hindi cinema. People like me who wrote a review of that film by Govinda would be writing a review of this film of Varun Dhawan too. In these twenty five years the cinema turned into a project. David Dhawan’s 45th film written on the poster of ‘Coolie Number One’ remake has become a mere jumla. In 1993, Pashu and Sukanya’s Tamil film ‘Chinna Mapillai’ was remade with Govinda in 1995 by the name of ‘Coolie Number One’, now he has remade frame by frame with Varun Dhawan. The whereabouts of the bus porter have changed and his style of speaking has also changed. But, neither Govinda’s timing here, nor Karisma’s irrationality, nor Kader Khan’s charisma, nor Shakti Kapoor’s mischief, and even more songs are not tolerable.

In a way, this is the purification period of Hindi cinema. All the tricks to fool the audience in the name of the remake have failed. First ‘Lakshmi’, then ‘Durgamati’ and now ‘Coolie number one’. All three remakes, all three examples of bad cinema. Govinda’s ‘Coolie Number One’ was liked by the people because the battle of richness and poverty looked real there. Here the rich also look fake and the poor do not look poor from any corner. Who wears such a strong uniform of a porter at a railway station?

When was the last time Washu and David traveled inside India by a train, do not know. At least his writing team did not do it for years, otherwise the railway of the last 25 years would have seen some changes in the film. Amiri’s kite is being flown over the entire Saddi here, which is coming to mind, the writer is throwing it. It is also not seen that he is making cartoons of his own characters. Hero is not even able to do standup comedy. Mimicry is also ineffective. The story is the same. A Amir’s plan to avenge a dishonor by expelling a matchmaker from the house and making that matchmaker’s porter the son-in-law of this nobleman.

The film ‘Coolie Number One’ is the first story left behind in time. Had the remake been in keeping with the difficulties of the new century in the changing environment and the wishes of the generation seeking jobs on ‘Indeed’, perhaps David Dhawan would have been able to put something in it even on his Kanpur day. But this is not the first time David has done so poorly. He has done such ‘Kamal’ earlier in his career. But, this time Panauti is engaged to his own son.

Varun’s fan following has been steadily decreasing for the last two to three years. To recall which superhit of the previous film happened at his box office, the mind has to be stressed. Nothing spoils Sara Ali Khan. The actor was not the first to have his bus and looks forward to it. Varun Dhawan’s fiancée is already there, so Shigufa, who fought with his hero before the film’s release, could not walk here.

If you see the expansion of David Dhawan’s hit films or any hit comedy film, then you will see a circle of such strong actors around the hero and heroine (in the language of Hindi cinema, it is called padding), which if he misses even a little bit of the scene Takes care of himself. Here, the take is Paresh Rawal and he is also duped. This will probably be the worst role of Javed Jaffrey’s career. The absence of Rajpal Yadav in any film is now a matter. Their time was broken.

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The film’s weak link is also its music. Not a single song of the film is from nineteen from its original, twenty-one being, it is not the power of any of these composers. Do not waste your time watching such a bad movie on Christmas day. Walk outside with friends and family and of course keep a mask. Two yards is now necessary, from outside people, at home from this film.

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Movie Review: Coolie Number One
Screenplay: Rumi Jafri Dialogues: Farhad Samji
Artists: Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav and Javed Jaffrey etc.
Director: David Dhawan

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