April 13, 2021

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Come Play Movie Review

Come Play Movie Review

Come Play Movie Review: A horror film in which puppets are using to create a ‘ghost’

If you come out to find something new in the film ‘Come Play’ that creates a sense of fear, then you may feel disappointed, but considering it as just another horror film, then it is a good time pass of the weekend. This is the first feature film of the film’s director Jacob Chase, but in the very first film, the way he has created ‘Bhoot’ using puppets to arouse the audience is worthy of praise. As a director, he has also got good support from the actors of the film.

The film ‘Come Play’ is the story of a special child Oliver. He uses the help of an app on his mobile to communicate with people. Her parents do not get along. He tells his mother everything around him. But, whether the mother is a mother, be it Hindustan or Hollywood, her first job is to console. His child is the target of everyone. Friends are not made by him. More teasing enemies. Only then, is there someone who extends a hand of friendship towards him. He also wants to spend his life with Oliver. Simply, he does not belong to this world.

If the world is reaching Mars beyond the moon, then the shadows of ghosts are also coming out of the glass and reaching the gadgets that live in our hands round the clock. At the beginning of the film, when playing Oliver on the mobile, two eyes start to see from behind the screen, there is a shuddering. By not keeping Larry on screen continuously and for a long time, Jacob has retained this shudder till the end of the film. The story of the film is not unique at all because the ghost of the mobile has already reached Hindi cinema. However, Jacob’s victory in this film is due to the fact that he tries to make the story permanent rather than stirring up horror. However, later the weakness of this film also starts to appear.

If you have seen the movie ‘The Babadook’, which came out six years ago, it may be that ‘low play’ may not attract you as much or may not scare you so much. But, the truth of the film lies in the fact that here the film is creating an atmosphere. For loneliness accidents. Why does someone start enjoying in private, that is why the world seems to be false to him, and in such a situation, if someone alone comes to support him or her? The question is of thinking. This attempt to move forward with the help of a social feeling in horror film is going to hurt.

Among the cast of the film, AG Robertson has done the award winning role as Oliver. Seeing him, he seems so innocent and poor. The rest of the children have also given strong support to the film’s story. Both Gillian and John make effective appearances in Oliver’s parent role. If the film is stuck, it is because of the story and screenplay you have seen and because of the background music of the film. The camera work and editing of the film is excellent.

Movie Review: Come Play
Artists: AG Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Winslow Feigle
Writer-Director: Jacob Chase
Producers: Reliance Entertainment, Amblin Partners, The Picture Company

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