October 21, 2020

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Cargo Movie Review: The story of birth and death

If a budding filmmaker has to measure his ability with the compliments received by the producer director Anurag Kashyap on the mail, then there is nothing wrong in that. But, the motive behind performing it on social media puts a question mark on a talented director’s ability to trust himself. Cinema is the medium to trust yourself more than the audience, here you do not need someone else’s pat. Yes, if you want to write the same struggle saga of your career by joining the same league, then it is a different thing. Aarti’s directorial debut ‘Cargo’ is releasing in a period of entertainment in which watching so much is a big challenge in itself.

The film was earlier released on Friday. It usually took place on Thursday evenings and was written on Saturdays. There was enough time for the reviewer to watch the film, to think about it and then to write on it with a cool head. ‘Cargo’ is a film of rapturous reviews. This is a time where if you see something better than the average, then people get bogged down. Yes, the downside is that people even find Adil Hussain pulling a rickshaw in the movie ‘Exam’ is fake, and the acting of ‘Cargo’ looking fake from the first frame is also awesome. It is the sacrifice of all times. In such a situation, it is pleasant to see the film before its release. Netflix did not show the film earlier this time.

The film ‘Cargo’ is a film in the news since its inception. Long time has passed since. Many people saw the film before, there were discussions on its tea. But, due to its name and some due to its story, this film could not arouse curiosity among the general audience. Then last week, Sony Liv released an excellent film by cutting it into four pieces, then it was understood that the veterans of OTT also understand the pulse of the audience of Hindi cinema, it is not certain. Cargo is a much lesser story than that. Both are science fiction, but the real difference between the two is the way of telling the story.

Many films telling the story of birth and death have been made in Hindi cinema even earlier. In those films of Jeetendra era, this story used to be a costume drama, here it is wearing a science fiction costume. After the agreement between man and demon species, the person who dies on earth goes up and erases his memory. Corey is presented with a slate to be born again. Aarti Kadav chose the calendar far ahead to make this one-line mythology a science fiction. The story is fictional and its direction is also woven with the help of these fantasies. But, in such a forward-looking story, so cheaply-looking science equipment shows a lack of thinking, not just budget. The budget of ‘JL 50’ is not too much, but there the director has kept his thinking big and budget is low. Earlier, it was said about Anurag that the best scenes of his home made library films are seen somewhere in his films. If you remember Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Solaris’ and Duncan Jones’s ‘Moon’ while watching Aarti’s film, you can understand where the problem lies.

Even in terms of acting, the film could not become notable. Vikrant Massey’s character is such that the tension in his face helps in furthering his character. If Vikrant, who started the year with the film “Chhapak”, starts fascinating the main lead in films and starts playing strong characters in good stories, then his expansion could be like Manoj Bajpayee. No young artist has yet replaced Manoj in that category. Shweta Tripathi, who is 35 years old, now needs to accumulate her energy and erupt properly at the right time. He has an expanse of acting, directors need to get better at him. The rest of the artists keep coming in the story. Sometimes to save the story from becoming cumbersome, sometimes just like this, and Envi.

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